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Dentistry is an amazing career. I have been practicing for more than 25 years and still wake excited to come to the office: everyone should be this fortunate!

My grandfather came to New York in the early 1920s, became a dentist, then returned to Cuba and practiced there for many years. My father started working in a dental lab when he was 12 — and stopped when he was 80!

Growing up, I saw their passion for the field and how, through their work, they were able to build connections and improve lives. The profession was a natural fit and I have no doubt I made the right choice.

Being a dentist allows me to express my artistic talents and craftsmanship, balanced with science and medicine. At the same time, I have met and formed friendships with people from varied places and customs, which broadens my world and understanding of how connected we all are.

As a general dentist, I especially enjoy the long-term relationships that develop: It’s deeply rewarding to see my patients get married, form new families, and bring their children to our office. There is nothing more humbling than being entrusted with someone’s most precious possession.

My Team and Our Office

I have an intentionally small practice, because I feel it is the best way to provide high-quality dentistry. Yuli, my assistant, makes our patients laugh and is immediately responsive to their needs and concerns. Natalia, my office manager, keeps everything running smoothly and works closely with patients to ensure their visits have them smiling.

Together, we put our patients’ well-being first and financial gain second. Above all, we try our best to win our patients’ trust and confidence by treating them with compassion.

Education and Professional Memberships

  • Bachelor of Science in biology – Fairleigh Dickinson University
  • Doctorate of Dental Medicine – Fairleigh Dickinson Dental School/University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey

I believe that if one is not learning new things, one is going backwards. This is especially true in oral healthcare, where constant changes in techniques and technologies happen.

It is my responsibility to stay up to date on new options, and evaluate each in order to determine whether I should incorporate them into patient care. “New” does not always equal “best,” so I look for options that are proven to improve treatment outcomes.

In addition to taking continuing education courses, I also read a range of dental publications, to stay current on new trends and research.

I am a member of the Academy of General Dentistry and the Hispanic Dental Association. These organizations provide access to courses so I can learn from the leaders in dentistry.

Beyond the Office

After growing up in West New York, New Jersey, I now live in Closter with my wife, who works for Kessler, and our family. We have two daughters: the oldest is a freshman in college, studying education and is on the dean’s list, and the youngest is a pre-teen and still home with us. We also have six Yorkies.

If I’m not in the office, it’s likely I’m spending time with my family. I especially enjoy time with my parents. I also like reading, working around the house, and exercising to stay healthy.